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Found this post on the wonderful blog 101 Books, where Robert is reading his way through Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels. This is a letter F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of my favorite writers, wrote to his friend who had sent him work to be critiqued. HIs frank, yet heartfelt, reply is a good lesson to us all on how we should approach our work. No matter how accomplished we are, but especially if we are just starting out. This letter really spoke to me and I wanted to share with y’all what I found to be very inspirational.

101 Books

This is one of the best letters I’ve ever read about writing. Not surprisingly, it comes from my favorite writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The letter, which comes from the book F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life In Lettersvia brainpickings, is written from Fitzgerald to Frances Turnbull, a family friend, who sent F. Scott a short story for review.

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Born and raised in Charleston, SC. After college, at Ole Miss, Becky spent time living in places like Washington, D.C. and Amsterdam. She loves photography, cooking, and travel. Becky is mom to her one year old son, "Little Bear", and married to her favorite travel buddy. They also have a big scary pit bull, Rooney, who is afraid of trash bags and toy trains. She is an aspiring author, amateur photographer, and stay home mom.


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