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Little Bear

361 Days

We made it 361 days before we had to take Little Bear to the emergency room. We were SO CLOSE!! Frankly, with him I’m surprised it took us this long. He is such a “determined” child that it was inevitable we would make the trip to the ER sooner or later.

On Friday afternoon Little Bear decided that he was not in the mood to take his afternoon nap. This happens fairly often and I usually just let him “cry it out” until he’s been in his room for at least 45 minutes. Momma needs her “nap time” too!  He woke up about 20 minutes into nap time and was really going at it.  I could even hear him throw his bottle out of his crib. And then, a crash that practically shook the house. I immediately knew what had happened. I raced up the stairs, my feet barely skimming the carpet. I opened his door and found him sitting on the floor screaming bloody murder. I scooped him up and hugged him as tightly as I could.

I’ve only felt fear like that one other time in my life. Little Bear was about 3 months old and I tripped down the stairs one morning while holding him. It was 6am and still pitch dark out. Little Bear was in one arm and the Boppy in the other. We took one step and slipped. I managed to find myself and sit down before we took a real tumble but it scared us both. I was so freaked out and petrified that he had shaken baby syndrome, I cried for at least an hour. This time scared me more than that.

He took a good five foot fall. Oh. My. God. How did he not break his neck? I think…he climbed up on the play thing attached to the side of his crib…and jumped. It doesn’t surprise me. He’s forever trying to climb the stairs. He’s even been known to do pull ups on the dining room table. He is freakishly strong.  But God help me, I swear he’s trying to give me a heart attack.

He seemed ok, other than the bright red goose egg on his forehead. He never lost consciousness (he never stopped crying so I know it didn’t knock him out), and he was back to walking around and laughing within ten minutes. Then he threw up. Then he did it again. I rang the nurse on call at our pediatrician’s and she told me to get him to the emergency room.

We’re so lucky to live in a city with a world class children’s hospital. MUSC is wonderful! They weren’t busy and saw us right away. He handled being examined 3+ times (MUSC is a teaching hospital, so we were seen by an intern, resident, and attending) like a champ, just being his happy social self. Diagnosis: a mild concussion. We stayed at the hospital for four hours. The attending didn’t want to do a scan, because it could do more harm than good, so we took the “wait and see” approach.


As a parent, you’re of course just happy to know that there’s nothing seriously wrong with your child. As a parent of an almost one year old you feel like, “Ok. Nothing wrong, can we go home now? This kid is not going to be a fan of being confined to one room for the foreseeable future. GET US OUT OF HERE!!!”

Three and a half hours, five throw up bags (not because he was still vomiting, but because that’s the only thing he wanted to play with), and 8 temper tantrums to LET HIM GO BACK BEHIND THE BED (Sorry, Little Bear, just because we’re already at the hospital doesn’t mean you can feel free to electrocute yourself!), we were finally given the all clear to go home. It’s 8:30 at this point and he is beyond tired! It’s a good thing we only live two minutes away from the hospital.

Little Bear’s crib is now four inches lower than it used to be. It was already on the lowest setting when he launched himself out of it. So J drilled new, lower, holes into it. That crib is practically on the floor…but there’s no way he’s getting out of it!

361 days….just so close!! It may have been the FIRST time we had to go to the ER because of his wild child antics, but it’s definitely not going to be the LAST!!!!


**** I apologize in advance. This week is going to be Little Bear heavy. First the ER, and it’s his birthday on Wednesday with is party on Saturday. I’m going to have a lot to say about it! ****


About Bex Hagan

Born and raised in Charleston, SC. After college, at Ole Miss, Becky spent time living in places like Washington, D.C. and Amsterdam. She loves photography, cooking, and travel. Becky is mom to her one year old son, "Little Bear", and married to her favorite travel buddy. They also have a big scary pit bull, Rooney, who is afraid of trash bags and toy trains. She is an aspiring author, amateur photographer, and stay home mom.


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