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This has nothing to do with writing. And everything to do with being a mommy. I’ve known for a while that Little Bear was going to need to have surgery. But it was scheduled for June 6th. I had time to prepare myself. It got moved up today. To tomorrow. Our surgeon is 7 months … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Little Bear

One Year Old!! Continue reading

361 Days

We made it 361 days before we had to take Little Bear to the emergency room. We were SO CLOSE!! Frankly, with him I’m surprised it took us this long. He is such a “determined” child that it was inevitable we would make the trip to the ER sooner or later. Continue reading

Best Friends…Or Not

have a shameful secret. Others may not find it to be a big deal, but I do. My secret causes me all kinds of anxiety. It makes me feel like a failure. And I lie about it…a lot. But it’s time to come clean. So, (big breath) here goes…My dog doesn’t exactly like my baby. Continue reading

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  • Took a sip of my wine and swallowed a fly!! Now I know how @BigBoyler felt on the Graham Norton! 🍷🤭 I can feel it on my tongue 🤢 1 day ago


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